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I'm 36 years old now but when I watch your videos, I'm a kid again. It's Monday night at the mid-south coliseum. You're my favorite wrestler of all time. Thanks so much for the memories. Damn, I wish I cold go back. Stay cool man!!! -- Craig Yarbro

As a long time fitness enthusiast, I have to say that "Secrets to Superior Health" was the best $20.00 I have ever invested. Please keep me on your mailing list!!!  (Next CD can you speak a bit about the subject of coffee..)  Thank You for sharing your personal fitness infomation!!!  Can't wait for more!  YOU'RE THE BEST!  March 11,2010 -- Steve Satonick

Thanks so much for this site!! It's a long time coming! You'll never, never know how you inspired me a a kid, from the first time seeing you in Evansville in 1979, to train and live healthy. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!! -- Michael Laird

Are you ever coming back to wrestling it would be sweet to see you in wwe manage someone or start your fued with Jerry Lawler again you would fit perfectly in WWE I always thought you were way better than Ric Flair you were tha Man in the 80s. I am huge fan of yours... -- Camilo Restrepo

I am in South Korea now as a Professor but saw you perform many times in Alabama and my heart is still warm from those wounderful days so long ago..... Just want to say "Thanks for the Memories" we just don't have stars like you any more or the same wrestling as we did then... I miss those days. -- Frank Burkett

Hey Austin, I'm a long time fan who grew up watching you in Alanta and especially Memphis. You were my all time favorite wrestler. Your matches against Lawler, Hansen, the Freebirds ect were the very best. -- David Wilkerson